Tattoo questions.

So we’ve been getting a lot of tatttoo related questions through the comment section. If you have a question please call us at 503-232-4628, we pay two nice people to answer all those wonderful questions. Also, you can check out the “about” section on our process of going about getting a tattoo. Please keep in mind, each artist likes to do things differently.  Best thing to do is just stop by and talk to us.  Thanks


One response to “Tattoo questions.

  1. So I had a tattoo once. I had it lasered off. 14 laser treatments later and you barely can see any remnents. I probably needed another couple appointments. Oh, the pain and my dwindling bank account. When I had it my arm would itch, turn firery red and the ink would raise up. Is there any way to get a tat and this not be an occurance? Or will I be tat free forever?

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